snap 100m maus india zomatoeconomictimes

With over half a billion people using Facebook and Google in India, Snap announced today that it has accumulated 100 million monthly active users there. To further penetrate the second-largest internet market in the world, Snap is signing agreements with several companies, including Android smartphone manufacturers, entertainment TV channels Sony and Zee TV, and e-commerce giant Flipkart. snap 100m maus india zomatoeconomictimes.

Evan Spiegel, co-founder, and CEO of Snap announced the achievement at a virtual event on Wednesday. He did so by emphasizing some of the company’s localization initiatives that have helped it gain traction in India. Snap has significantly changed its approach for the Indian sector, where it had a low penetration and importance until two to three years ago, as seen by the landmark and scores of collaborations announced today. (Snap has more than 500 million active users monthly.)

Anout snap 100m maus india zomatoeconomictimes

Since it improved its Android app, the corporation has successfully entered India in recent years. Android is installed on more than 98% of handsets in India. Many of them have recently told TechCrunch that Snap’s hiring of Durgesh Kaushik as its head of the India business has substantially aided the company in forging and strengthening bonds with regional innovators and entrepreneurs.

We have increased culturally appropriate material, created vibrant, creative local creator networks, and made investments in regional goods, marketing campaigns, and language assistance,” Spiegel stated at the occasion.

The business claimed that India has taken a particular liking to its Discover segment. The area includes articles from 70 regional Indian news, fashion, entertainment, and comic stations. It announced partnerships with top entertainment networks like Sony Entertainment Television and Zee TV and stated that it now intended to fill the app with even more carefully selected material.

The company claimed that to accommodate companies of various sizes and shapes, its India division has significantly increased its capacity for monetization. It has collaborated with companies including Spotify, Swiggy, LG, OnePlus, and ITC Yippee Noodles and had a net gain in new advertisers of 70% the previous year.